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Pebble Installation Guidelines


If you choose to install your Mexican beach pebbles yourself, please follow these safety guidelines.  As our lawyers require us to tell everyone, BMBP is not responsible for any injuries or damage that might be sustained during installation process.  That being said, numerous people have successfully installed their landscaping pebbles themselves by taking into account these common-sense safety suggestions. 

(1) Please do not attempt to install beach pebbles (or any other rock product) if you have any back issues, bad knees, recent injuries, are recovering from an ilness, or generally are not in your best physical shape.  Beach pebbles are very heavy, and installing them requires physical stamina and sheer muscle power.

(2) Wear appropriate clothing: heavy-duty boots is a must as you do not want to accidentally drop a heavy stone on your toes. Heavy-duty gloves are also highly recommended, as well as a protective back belt and knee pads. If you are working in a hot and sunny climate, an appropriate hat and sunscreen are also a good idea. 

(3) Hydrate and take breaks.  Installing pebbles is not complicated, but it is tough physical labor.  If you are not used to this type of work, take breaks often and make sure to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.  Think of this endeavor as a serious workout at the gym!

(4) Equipment: you will need a heavy-duty wheelbarrow, a sturdy shovel, and several 5-gallon buckets.  In place of the wheelbarrow, you can also use a heavy-duty dolly and straps (you will tie a bucket to the dolly).

(5) Process: Shovel pebbles from the super sack into the bucket.  Start with a light load to adjust to the weight. Next, place the bucket onto the dolly or into the wheelbarrow.  Take your pebbles to the desired spot, and carefully dump out.  The last step is to smooth out your pebble rock so that you achieve a uniform 2-3 layer look (for size up to 2-3").  If you choose pebble size 3-5" or larger, then  the typical installation is a single layer by hand - i.e., you will take each pebble and arrange it into its place.  That's it - repeat these steps until all your pebbles are installed!

(6) Caution - please be sure to prepare the installation spot. Proper preparation means that any weeds are removed, vegetation is cleansed, and some type of weed-suppressive material is placed on the ground. The standard landscaping cloth usually works just fine.  If you are facing particularly aggressive weeds, once in a while you can spray your pebbles with a weed-suppressant.  Most types of these chemicals are safe for pebbles and will not change their appearance.  However, always read the label carefully to verify.

(7) After your installation is complete, go get a massage! You saved a lot of money by doing this work yourself, and now you deserve a treat.  

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