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About Shipping / Freight

We Ship to All U.S. States

From our rock yard in San Diego, we ship to all U.S. states, both truckloads and pallets of Mexican landscaping pebbles.  In order to provide fast shipping, we maintain large inventories, and all common colors and sizes are always in stock in sufficient quantities to fill both pallet and truckload beach pebble orders.  Many orders can be loaded and shipped out the next day after the order is placed.

Tracking of Your Beach Pebble Shipment

After river rock leaves our yard, we provide detailed tracking information.  Customers are able to track their pebbles as they move to the final destination, and contact the freight carrier directly.  We also offer delivery appointments that are set up ahead of the proposed delivery day to give our customers sufficient time to prepare to receive their landscaping stone.  Depending on the type of delivery destination, various freight arrangements are available: flatbed trucks, box trucks with liftgate, special arrangements with forklifts etc. 

Beach Pebbles by Truckload – Bulk River Rock Orders

As the largest direct source of high quality Mexican river pebbles, we have the capacity to quickly fill truckload orders.  Most loads can be assembled and leave our yard within 1-2 days, with no delays on our end.  Various freight arrangements are available, depending on the receiving specs.  The most typical packaging for truckload pebble orders is in 3,000-lbs super sacks / pallets.  Bagging in smaller quantities is also available. For more details and to set up your commercial account with us, please contact us at

Delivery by Pallet – Receiving

When delivering beach pebbles by pallet, we set up delivery appointments and typically deliver pebbles in super sacks / on pallets.  Delivery drivers work with our customers to unload their stone at the best possible location.  Depending on the size of the street / yard / parking lot, and the space to turn around, beach pebbles might be unloaded on the street or in the parking lot / yard/ driveway.  Please note that they are NOT simply dumped into a big pile.  Each sack is placed on the ground at a designated spot. 

Mexican Beach Pebble Delivery - River Rock by Pallet

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